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Under Construction - THIS PAGE IS NOT READY!!!

Disclaimer - Please always use caution when dining out. This list is ONLY meant to get you started - you need to ask questions of the manager and chef to ensure the restaurant can meet your medical needs. We are not endorsing ANY restaurant and have not certified safe practices at any of the restaurants listed below. Some of these recommendations have come from members, our facebook page, and If you receive your food and something looks off, please ask the manager to ensure with the chef that your meal was made properly. When dining out, there is always a risk - even in the best restaurants with the best GF ratings. Mistakes can be made. The best thing you can do is to ensure that the restaurant knows you are dining Gluten Free for Medical Reasons, ask questions and be alert. We are not trying to scare you from dining out, but want you to be aware that there is always a risk when dining out. We cannot guarantee a safe experience at any restaurant.  

What happens if you are Glutened?- We recently went to a restaurant which had MANY rave reviews for safe GF. Members from the support group raved about it and many had vetted the restaurant out. We went and asked questions - all the questions had good answers - they seemed knowledgeable. The food came to the table and had Gluten Free sticks in each of the dishes. HOWEVER, one of the plates had a regular bagel on it with a gluten free stick!!! Needless to say, one of our family members were glutened badly. When you do get glutened, it is important to calmly tell the restaurant about your experience. Please DON'T yell and scream at them. If you don't want to go back, don't. But, let them know so they can fix it for the next Celiac diner. If you are not satisfied with the response or action they take, make a bad review on When there is yelling / screaming you only cause the restaurant to add a disclaimer to their menu that it is not safe for people with Celiac to dine there. Accidents WILL happen - people are human, there will be mistakes. If you give them another chance - that is up to you.     

Tools to help your search:

List of possible questions for a restaurant

Note on - not everyone using this App has Celiac Disease. It is a good idea to look for a restaurant with a lot of positive reviews (Celiac Friendly Rating is a plus). It is important to read reviews and find out what people think about the restaurant for safe handling / gluten cross contact / contamination. Then, after you find a restaurant that looks good, call them and ask to talk to the manager / chef to see if they can meet your medical needs. Ask lots of questions!  

List of Restaurants / Bakeries in the Metro Detroit Area:

Gluten Free Dedicated Bakeries:

Ethel's Baking Company - St. Clair Shores

Gluten Free Specialties - Rochester Hills

Heavenly Cakeballs - Metamora

Kind Crumbs - Grand Rapids

Live Gluten Free Bakery - Norton Shores

No More Belly Aching - Brighton

Rumi's Passion - Plymouth

Sweet Bree's (by order only)

Tasty Bakery - Ann Arbor

Gluten Free Dedicated Restaurants:

Renee's Gourmet Pizzeria - Southfield (Take Out Only) & Troy (with Seated Dining)

Restaurants (Not GF Dedicated):

2941 Street Food (Detroit)

7 Greens (Detroit)

Shake Shack

Afternoon Delight (Ann Arbor)

Anita's Kitchen (Ferndale)

Anna's House (Various Locations in Michigan including Westland & Farmington)

Biaggi's (Ohio)

Blackfinn (Clinton)

Bonefish Grill (Various Locations)

Buddy's Pizzeria (Various Locations)

Bravo! (Livonia)

Brown Iron Brewhouse (Washington)

Burger 21 (Novi)

Burrough's (Brighton)

California Pizza Kitchen (Various Locations - GIG Certified)

Cardamom (Ann Arbor)

Center Street Grill (Northville)

Chela's (Mexican) (Ann Arbor)

Chick-Fil-A (Troy (Sommerset Collection), Detroit Airport & Ypsilanti)

The Clean Plate

Clarkston Union (Clarkston) (Note - Fries are not GF - shared fryer - there is a note on the menu)

Coco Fairfield's (Berkeley)

Cooper's Hawk (coming soon to Clinton Township)

Cheesecake Factory (Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi) (Note - Fries are not GF - shared fryer)

The Earle Restaurant (Ann Arbor)

Earthen Jar (Ann Arbor)

El Camino (Keego Harbor)

Elevation Burger (Ann Arbor)

Fenton Fire Hall (Fenton) (Note - Fries are not GF - shared fryer - there is a note on the menu)

Five Guys (Various Locations)

Flemming's Steakhouse (Livonia)

Fogo de Chao (Troy)

Frita Batidos (Ann Arbor)

Genova Pizzeria (Canton)

Greek JalapeƱo (Waterford)

Hard Rock Cafe (Detroit)

Hidalgo Mexican (Belleville)

Hudson Cafe (Detroit)

Inn Season Cafe (Royal Oak)

Isalita (Ann Arbor)

Jolly Pumpkin (Ann Arbor)

Maggiano's (Troy)

Major Tomato (Allen Park)

The Melting Pot (Troy)

Mezzevino (Ann Arbor)

MI.Mosa (Farmington)

Mr. Mike's Grill (Westland)

Omelette & Waffle Cafe (Plymouth)

Outback Steakhouse (Various Locations)

Paesano's (Ann Arbor)

Pei Wei (Various Locations)

Pizza House (Ann Arbor)

Pizza Hut (Various Locations - GIG Certified??)

Rainbow Chinese (Farmington Hills)

Redsmoke Barbecue (Detroit)

Republica (Berkeley)

Rojo (Novi)

Rusty Bucket (Various Locations)

Sedona Taphouse (Troy)

Seldon Standard (Detroit)

Shimmy Shack (Coming Soon to Plymouth)

Smashburger (Troy, Rochester Hills)

Social Kitchen and Bar (Birmingham)

Soup n' Sanz (Waterford)

Stadium Market (Ann Arbor - Take Out)

Sy Thai Cafe (Troy & Birmingham)

Texas de Brazil (Detroit)

Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen (Detroit)

Tio's Mexican Restaurant (Ann Arbor)

Tom & Chee (Canton)

Townhouse (Detroit)

Union Woodshop (Clarkston) (Note - Fries are not GF - shared fryer - there is a note on the menu)

Uptown Grille (Commerce)

Vicente's (Detroit)

Vinsetta's Garage (Royal Oak) (Note - Fries are not GF - shared fryer - there is a note on the menu)

Wahlburger's (Detroit)

Wendy's (Various Locations)

Wing Lauk (Waterford)

Woodbridge Pub (Detroit)

Zingerman's Roadhouse (Ann Arbor)


Simply Scrumptious (Based out of Ann Arbor)

Food Trucks:

Shimmy Shack (Based out of South Lyon)

Cider Mills:

Franklin Cider Mill (Bloomfield Hills - GF donuts)

Yates Cider Mill (Rochester Hills - GF donuts)

Restaurants (Not GF Dedicated - Use with Extreme Caution):

  • Jersey Mike's Subs (They clean items down - if you order something made on the grill, they scrape the grill off - watch to be sure it gets cleaned well. They use shared ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes, etc...). Have been there twice - at both locations only the manager new how to handle.
  • Chipotle (They will typically change gloves and spoons. Changing spoons does NOTHING - the contamination is already in the food container. If you ask them to get ingredients from the back, they usually will, although it is often accompanied by loud sighs and eye rolling).
  • Red Robin (Experience seems to depend upon location - Wait staff sometimes doesn't know the right answers- there are mixed reviews of Red Robin Restaurants on Find Me Gluten Free)
  • PF Chang's (Various Locations) - Ensure you do NOT eat the soy sauce sitting on the table. You need to ask for GF Tamari Sauce. Some of our board members have had a bad experience here, however, some have not. Consider having the entire table to order GF - cuts down on the confusion. PF Chang's had a special plate that they deliver their GF food on (not sure if this is still in effect - ask).